Thursday, March 5, 2009

I finally get my Dominique Wilkins signed jersey!!!

On April 28 2008 my friend Luis who lives in the ATL went to an autograph show where the nine time all-star was signing. He was charging 25.00 dollars per autograph which is not that bad at all. A few weeks early i had learned about him signing because Luis had saw it on Signing Hotline. So i said time to look on ebay to see whats out there for Nique to sign. Well I type in the name and the first thing i see is a Mitchell & Ness 1987-88 all-star jersey of Nique. Starting bid 50.00 dollars, i was like wow i gotta have this jersey for him to sign. Usually this jersey sells for like 250. So i bid on it and to my surprise I won it, with not another person bidding on it. So i send to the homie in da ATL and he gets it signed on April 28 2008. We’ve known each other since middle school and have always been good friends. i trust him like if he where my brother. And we always get autographs for each other all the time. But this time it took him almost a year to send that to me. I could have killed him, but i love him to much. Plus who going to go with year next year when the Super bowl and the Pro Bowl are in town ( He’s flying in ). Well with that said it was here and man i was happy to see it up close and in my hands. To most of you its like opening that wax pack, that feeling of excitement. Well here are the pictures of it and the ball I had him get signed too!

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