Sunday, February 8, 2009

A-Rod or A-Fraud????

Oh Alex, its with a heavy heart that i must call you out. I still remember watching you out there in Mark Light Stadium playing so care-free not a worry in the world. But look at what you have become....A cheater, a lire, and a fraud! Sport Illustrated revealed yesterday that in 2003 you used steroids... Sending a shock threw the sports world. And now when asked all your saying is "I'm not saying anything" just sad to see, One of the most amazing talent in MLB have his name stained with the use of steroid. Imagine all those little kids that looked up to you are thinking... A damn shame! I've never been a hugh A-Rod fan but he did play for the Miami Hurricanes and i support them 100%. Just crazy to see happening while somewhere in Floirda Jose Canseco is drinking a CAFETICO saying what did i tell y'all. Ouch!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a great day!!! Fanfest 2009

What a day… What a day!!! This morning started out like every other morning in the Ortega household…Early and fast! when you have two little ones it can get a little crazy at times, but man are they fun. Plus they do have the best mother in the world to take care of them also! Well i left my house in West Palm beach at about 10:00 am this morning (I like being an early bird) and jumped on the turnpike and of course ahead east to Dolphin Stadium. I got there about 11:10 good time I’m thinking. Paid my five dollars and looked for a nice parking spot. As I’m parking i just look over at the stadium and there was already a line forming. So i grab my things and run over to the line ( i was about 16th in line) and waiting about 50 mins til they let people in. By the way it was cold outside and very windy. So as I’m rushing inside to find the first autograph line I run into a guy i always see at all the autograph signing i go to. We start talking in line about who we want and who we need…when right by us walks Cody Ross. We yell out to him and he smiles and waves, cool guy! Well we start out by getting Andrew Miller. He was one of the one i really wanted and got in the first line i was in. He signed a baseball for me right on the sweetspot and even asked me “how i was doing?” of course i said ” great now that I’veadded you to my collection” he laughed and told me to have a good time. What a great guy…A+ in my book! I’m thinking this is going to be a great day… and it was! Next we run over to the line where Anibal Sanchez is signing… as I’m waiting in line i see other one of the guys i always see at all the autograph events around town. So of course e jumps into our line and we start talking about what player are going to be here. And out of no where he pulls out this list of the players that are going to be there and where there going to be sitting. My jaw hit the floor and my eyes where wide as hell trying to get all the info on that piece of paper into my head as fast as i could. But he said just hang with my guys and we’ll do OK today. So i get Anibal to sign twopictures for my and move on with the group of guys to the next line…Well to make a long story short we get John Baker,Logan Kensing, Matt Lindstorm, Dan Meyers, Leo Nunez, Taylor Tankersley, Wes Helms, Dallas Mcpherson, Jeremy Hermida and Cody Ross……also got Tony Perez and Mr. Marlin himself Jeff Conine. So the crown jewel hadn’t shown up yet and we where waiting in line hopein that they wouldn’t switch him to another table. So we see him walking down from the stage making his way down to the autograph table when he starts talking to the reporters. they kept him there for a while til he finally sat down…. Yay-yay!!! Well my turn came up and i dropped down my jersey and handed him my sliver sharpie and signed right on the number 2 of his jersey. At last i had done what i set out to do last fanfest in 08′ but had crashed and burned. But now i had gotten what i wanted and it felt good! So overall i had a blast…. i loved the way there set everything up on the field and made it more kid friendly. Plus none of those dumb line coupons. Well with that I’ll say God bless and good night!!