Sunday, February 8, 2009

A-Rod or A-Fraud????

Oh Alex, its with a heavy heart that i must call you out. I still remember watching you out there in Mark Light Stadium playing so care-free not a worry in the world. But look at what you have become....A cheater, a lire, and a fraud! Sport Illustrated revealed yesterday that in 2003 you used steroids... Sending a shock threw the sports world. And now when asked all your saying is "I'm not saying anything" just sad to see, One of the most amazing talent in MLB have his name stained with the use of steroid. Imagine all those little kids that looked up to you are thinking... A damn shame! I've never been a hugh A-Rod fan but he did play for the Miami Hurricanes and i support them 100%. Just crazy to see happening while somewhere in Floirda Jose Canseco is drinking a CAFETICO saying what did i tell y'all. Ouch!

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